Plant ecologist studying
leaf senescence, nitrogen
use & carbon gain with
emphasis on global change issues.


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/College of Science

Bldg. A303
Ibaraki University
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Institute for Global Change Adaptation Science
Ibaraki University
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Aug 15, 2018

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Researth interests The researches in our lab are driven by the following questions:
1. Why leaves of plant senesce and drop?: what are the evolutional significance and the ecophysiological mechanism controlling leaf phenology? (funded by JSPS and the Sasakawa Foundation)
2. How much nitrogen is resorbed during leaf senescence? How different are legume and non-legume species in this respect? Does the former use nitrogen more luxury? (funded by the NISSAY (Nippon Life Insurance) Foundation) and JSPS; and
3. How global changes influence these issues? What is their feedback to climate?
4. Which plant traits were improved and lost during crop cultivation? (funded by the Innovation Fund Project of Ibaraki University)
5. Is Japanese dodder generalist or specialist? (funded by the Fujiwara Natural History Foundation)


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