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1月15日 最終報告(高橋、會田、佐藤[春])

12月25日 最終報告(住谷、長島、森脇)

12月18日 論文紹介(長島)Yu et al. (2009) Native Cuscuta campestris restrains exotic Mikania micrantha and enhances soil resources beneficial to natives in the invaded communities. Biological invasions 11: 835-844

12月18日 論文紹介(高橋)Watari et al. (2012) Growth and nitrogen use in Xanthium canadense grown in an open or in a dense stand. Physiologia Plantarum 144: 335-345

12月11日 最終報告(藤松、松井)

12月4日 論文紹介(住谷)Suzuki et al. (2013) Spatial variation of local stand structure in an Abies Forest, 45 years after a large disturbance by the Isewan typhoon. journal of Forest Research 18: 139-148

12月4日 論文紹介(森脇)Ogden et al. (2005) Long-term dynamics of the long-lived conifer libocedrus bidwillii after a volcanic eruption 2000 years ago. Journal of Vegetation Science 16: 321-330

11月27日 論文紹介 (藤松)
Alejandra et al. (2004) Morphological plasticity in reponce to shading in tree Convolvulus species of different ecological breadth. Acta Oecologica 26: 185-190

11月27日 論文紹介 (松井)
Adams et al. (2016) Legumes are different: Leaf nitrogen, photosynthesis, and water use efficiency. Proceedings of the National Academy of Science of the United States of America 113: 4098-4103

11月20日 論文紹介 (田邊)
Niinemets et al. (2005) Species differences in timing of leaf fall and foliage chemistry modify nutrient resorption efficiency in deciduous temperate forest stands. Tree Physiology 25: 1001-1014

11月20日 論文紹介 (吉田)
Ando et al. (2003) Bark stripping preference of sika deer, Cervus nippon, in terms of bark chemical contents. Forest Ecology and Management 177: 323-331

11月13日 論文紹介 (鈴木[晴])
Crain et al. (1999) Measurement of leaf longevity of 14 species of grass and forbs using a novel approach. New Phytologist 142: 475-481

11月13日 論文紹介 (鈴木[春])
Gratani et al. (2006) Leaf plasticity in response to light of three evergreen species of Mediterranean maquis. Trees 20: 549-558

11月6日 論文紹介 (小林)
Mayra et al. (2016) Growth strategies of the arborescent palm Iriartea deltoidea in a western Amazonian forest. Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society 182: 411-424

11月6日 論文紹介 (佐藤)
Tomasz et al. (2012) Responses of leaf structure and photosynthetic properties to intra-canopy light gradients : a common garden test with four broad leaf deciduous angiosperm and seven evergreen conifer tree species. Oecologia 170: 11-14

10月30日 論文紹介 (松井)
Xia & Wan (2008) Global response patterns of terrestrial plant species to nitrogen addition. New Phytologist 179: 428-439

10月30日 論文紹介 (會田)
Ju-Ying Huang at el. (2008) Changes in nitrogen resorption traits of six temperate grassland species along a multilevel N addition gradient. Plant and Soil 306: 149-158

10月23日 中間報告(佐藤、鈴木[晴]、鈴木[春]、田邊、吉田)

10月16日 中間報告(住谷、森脇、長島、小林、會田)

10月9日 中間報告(松井、藤松)

7月10日 論文紹介 (森脇)
Kubota et al. (2000) Spatial dynamics of re generation in a conifer/broad-leaved forest in northern Japan. Journal of Vegetation Science 11: 633-640

7月10日 論文紹介 (藤松)
Fatih et al. (2016) Phenotypic plasticity and specialization in clonal versus non-clonal plants : A data synthesis. Acta Oecologica 77: 193-200

7月3日 論文紹介 (住谷)
Dominik et al. (2013) Compounded disturbances in sub-alpine forests in western Colorado favour future dominance by quaking aspen (Populus tremuloides). Journal of Vegetation Science 24: 168-176

7月3日 論文紹介 (長島)
Jane et al. (2009) Impacts of a native parasitic plant on an introduced and a native host species: implications for the control of an invasive weed. Annals of Botany 103: 107-115

6月26日 論文紹介 (佐藤)
Uchida et al. (2012) Co-existence of Sicyos angulatus and native plant species in the floodplain of Tama River, Japan. International Journal of Biodiversity and Conservation 4: 336-347

6月26日 論文紹介 (田邊)
Harrison et al. (2009) Nitrogen in cell walls of sclerophyllous leaves accounts for little of the variation in photosynthetic nitrogen-use efficiency. Plant, Cell and Environment 32: 259-270

6月19日 論文紹介 (鈴木[春])
Yanjie et al. (2016) Does greater specific leaf area plasticity help plants to maintain a high performance when shaded? Annals of Botany 118: 1329-1336

6月19日 論文紹介 (吉田)
Nagaike (2012) Effects of browsing by sika deer (Cervus nippon) on subalpine vegetation at Mt. Kita, central Japan. Ecological Research 27: 467-473

6月12日 論文紹介 (小林)
Gratania et al. (2000) Relationship between leaf lifespan and photosynthetic activity of Quercus ilex in polluted urban area (Rome). Environmental Pollution 110: 19-28

6月12日 論文紹介 (鈴木[晴])
Oikawa et al. (2017) Inconsistent intraspecific pattern in leaf life span along nitrogen-supply gradient. American Journal of Botany 104: 342-346

6月5日 論文紹介 (冨樫)
Preece et al. (2016) How did the domestication of Fertile Crescent grain crops increase their yields? Functional Ecology 31: 387-397

6月5日 論文紹介 (會田)
Yasumura et al. (2007) Nitrogen resorption and protein degradation durring leaf senescene in Chenopodium album grown in different light and nitrogen conditions functional. Plant Biology 34: 409-417

5月29日 研究計画(佐藤、吉田、田邊)

5月22日 研究計画(會田、小林、鈴木[春]、鈴木[晴])

5月15日 研究計画(藤松、松井、冨樫)

5月8日 研究計画(住谷、長島、森脇)

4月24日 論文紹介 (藤松)
Onoda et al. (2012) The importance of leaf cuticle for carbon economy and mechanical strength. New Phytologist 196: 441-447

4月24日 論文紹介 (松井)
Butler et al. (2012) Soil warming alters nitrogen cycling in a New England forest: implications for ecosystem function and structures. Oecologia 168: 819-828

4月17日 論文紹介 (長島)
Justin et al. (2008) Parasitism by Cuscuta pentagona attenuates host plant defenses against insect herbivores. Plant Physiology 146: 987-995

4月17日 論文紹介 (森脇)
Stewart et al. (1991) Forest development in canopy gaps in old-growth beech (Nothofagus) forests, New Zealand. Journal of Vegetation Science 2: 679-690

4月10日 論文紹介 (住谷)
Gutierrez et al. (2004) Disturbance and regeneration dynamics of an old-growth North Patagonian rain forest in Chiloe Island, Chile. Journal of Ecology 92: 598-608


2月6日 論文紹介(森脇)
Coates (2002) Tree recruitment in gapes of various size, clearcuts and undisturbed mixed forest of interior British Columbia, Canada . Forest Ecology and Management 155: 387-398

1月30日 論文紹介(笠原)
Takahashi et al. (2012) How the timberline formed: altitudinal changes in stand structure and dynamics around the timberline in central Japan. Annals of Botany 109: 1165-1174

1月30日 論文紹介(住谷)
Tsujino et al. (2006) Variation in tree growth, mortality and recruitment among topographic positions in a warm temperate forest. Journal of Vegetation Science 17: 281-290

1月23日 最終発表(高橋、森脇、藤松、松井)

1月16日 最終発表(笠原、小泉、住谷、高橋、長島)

12月19日 最終発表(田中、冨樫、宮内)

12月13日 論文紹介(小泉)
Zhang et al. (2010) Leaf life span as a simple predictor of evergreen forest zonation in China. Journal of Biogeography 37 : 27-36

12月13日 論文紹介(長島)
Benvenuti et al. (2005) Germination ecology, emergence and host detection in Cuscuta campestris. Weed Research 45 : 270-278

12月12日 最終発表(伊藤、城取、須能)

11月28日 論文紹介(藤松)
Sevillano et al. (2016) Effects of light availability on morphology, growth and biomass allocation of Fagus sylvatica and Quercus robur seedlings. Forest Ecology and Management 374 : 11-19

11月28日 論文紹介(松井)
Chen et al. (2015) Nitrogen and phosphorus addition alter nutrient dynamics but not resorption efficiencies of Chinese fir leaves and twigs differing in age. Tree Physiology 36 : 1-12

11月21日 論文紹介(冨樫)
Koester et al. (2016) Has photosynthetic capacity increased with 80 years of soybean breeding? An examination of historical soybean cultivars. Plant, Cell & Environment 39 : 1058-1067

11月21日 論文紹介(宮内)
Germino et al. (2002) Conifer seedling distribution and survival in an alpine-treeline ecotone. Plant Ecology 162 : 157-168

11月14日 論文紹介(城取)
Amanda & Lori (2010) Growth release of three shade-tolerant species following canopy gap formation in old growth forests. Journal of Vegetation science 21 : 74-87

11月14日 論文紹介(田中)
Ueda et al. (2011) Foliage nitrogen turnover : difference among nitrogen absorbed at different times by Qurcus serrata sapling. Annals of Botany 108 : 169-175

11月7日 論文紹介(伊藤)
Heberling & Fridley (2016) Invaders do not require high resource levels to maintain physiological advantages in a temperate deciduous forest. Ecology 97 : 874-884

11月7日 論文紹介(須能)
Ren et al. (2013) Linking ethylene to nitrogen-dependent leaf longevity of grass species in a temperate steppe. Annals of Botany 112 : 1879-1885

10月31日 中間報告(小泉、住谷、高橋、長島、森脇)

10月24日 中間報告(宮内、藤松、松井、紺野、笠原)

10月17日 中間報告(伊藤、城取、須能、田中、冨樫)

10月3日 論文紹介(宮内)
Wipf et al. (2006) Advanced snowmelt causes shift towards positive neighbour interactions in a subarctic tundra community. Global Change Biology 12 : 1496-1506

10月3日 論文紹介(松井)
Sun et al.(2016) Age-related modulation of the nitrogen resorption efficiency response to growth requirements and soil nitrogen availability in a temperate pine plantation. Ecosystems 19 : 698-709

7月25日 論文紹介(冨樫)
Delgado-Baquerizo et al. (2016) Biogeographic bases for a shift in crop C : N : P stoichiometries during domestication. Ecology Letters 19 : 564-575

7月25日 論文紹介(藤松)
Arend et al.(2016) The influence of the soil on spring and autumn phenology in European beech. Tree physiology 36 : 78-85

7月11日 論文紹介(須能)
Marty et al. (2009) Endogenous sink-source interactions and soil nitrogen regulate leaf life-span in an evergreen shrub. New phytologist 183 : 1114-1123

7月11日 論文紹介(田中)
Zhang et al. (2013) Extended leaf senescence promotes carbon gain and nuterient resorption : importance of maintaining winter photosynthesis in subtropical forests. Oecologia 173 : 721-730

7月4日 論文紹介(伊藤)
Reynolds & Cooper (2010) Environmental tolerance of an invasive riparian tree and its potential for continued spread in the southwestern US. Journal of Vegetation Science 21 : 733-743

7月4日 論文紹介(城取)
Firm et al. (2009) Disturbance history and dynamics of an old-growth mixed species mountain forest in the Slovenian Alps. Forest Ecology and Management 257 : 1893-1901

6月27日 論文紹介(森脇)
Hoshino et al. (2001) Age,size structure and spatial pattern of major tree species in an old-growth Chamaecyparis obtusa forest, Central Japan. Forest Ecology and Management 152 : 31-43

6月27日 論文紹介(松井)
Tang et al. (2013) Resorption proficiency and efficiency of leaf nutrients in woody plants in eastern China. Journal of Plant Ecology 6 : 408-417

6月20日 論文紹介 (高橋)
Bult & Kiang (1992) Electrophoretic and morphological variation within and among natural populations of the wild soybean, Glycine soja Sieb. & Zucc. Bot. Bull. Academia Sinica 33: 111-122

6月20日 論文紹介 (長島)
Koch et al. (2004) Does the generalist parasitic plant Cuscuta campestris selectively forage in heterogeneous plant communities. New phytologist 162: 147-155

6月13日 論文紹介(小泉)
Mediavilla et al. (2008) Testing the correlations between leaf life span and leaf structural reinforcement in 13 species of European Mediterranean woody plants. Functional Ecology 22: 87-793

6月13日 論文紹介(住谷)
Busing & Fujimori (2002) Dynamics of composition and structure in an old Sequoia sempervirens forest. Journal of Vegetation Science 13: 785-792

6月6日 論文紹介(紺野)
Rentch et al. (2005) Vegetation-site relationships of roadside plant communication in West Virginia, USA. Journal of Applied Ecology 42 : 129-138

6月6日 論文紹介(笠原)
Liang et al. (2014) Is the growth of birch at the upper timberline in the Himalayas limited by moisture or by temperature? Ecology 95 : 2453-2465

5月30日 論文紹介(藤松)
Poorter & Bongers (2006) Leaf traits are good predictors of plant across 53 forest species. Ecology 87: 1733-1743

5月23日 研究計画(小泉、住谷、高橋、長島、森脇)

5月16日 研究計画(城取、田中、冨樫、宮内、笠原)

5月9日 研究計画(紺野、伊藤、須能、藤松、松井)

4月25日 論文紹介(冨樫)
Kiers et al. (2007) Human selection and the relaxation of legume defences against ineffective rhizobia. Proceedings of the Royal Society B 274 : 3119-3126

4月25日 論文紹介(宮内)
Maaike et al. (2007) High solar radiation hinders tree regeneration above the alpine treeline in northern Ecuador. Plant Ecology 191: 33-45

4月18日 論文紹介(伊藤)
Roxana & Martha (2014) Invasion by Ligustrum lucidum (Oleaceae) in NW Argentina: early stage characteristics in different habitat types. Acta Oecologica 54: 72-81

4月18日 論文紹介(田中)
Yasumura & Ishida (2011) Temporal variation in leaf nitrogen partitioning of a broad-leaved evergreen tree, Quercus myrsinaefolia. Journal of Plant Reserch 124: 115-123

4月11日 論文紹介(城取)
Joseph et al. (2005) The tree seedling bank in an ancient montane forest: stress tolerators in a productive habitat. Journal of Ecology 93: 536–543

4月11日 論文紹介(須能)
Lu et al. (2012) Plasticity in leaf and stem nutrient resorption proficiency potentially reinforces plant–soil feedbacks and microscale heterogeneity in a semi-arid grassland. Journal of Ecology 100: 144-150

Essentials of Ecology, 4th Edition (Begon, Howarth and Townsend, Wiley, 2014) pp.1~


2月5日 研究成果発表(田中、宮内、冨樫)

2月4日 研究成果発表(伊藤、城取、須能)

2月1日 研究成果発表(根本、藤松、松井)

1月25日 研究成果発表(紺野、酒井、杉本、中江)

1月18日 研究成果発表(安倍、海野)

1月12日 論文紹介(安倍)
Fineblum and Rausher (1995) Tradeoff between resistance and tolerance to herbivore damage in a morning glory. Nature 377: 517-520

1月12日 論文紹介(本村)
Yuan and Chen (2009) Global trends in senesced-leaf nitrogen and phosphorus. Global Ecology and Biogeography 18: 532-542

1月12日 論文紹介(杉本)
Cuevas (2000) Tree recruitment at the Nothofagus pumilio alpine timberline in Tierra del Fuego, Chile. Journal of Ecology 88: 840-855

12月21日 論文紹介(藤松)
Markesteijn et al. (2007) Light-dependent leaf trait variation in 43 tropical dry forest tree species. American Journal of Botany 94: 515-525

12月21日 論文紹介(松井)
Yuan et al. (2005) Nitrogen resorption from senescing leaves in 28 plant species in a semi-arid region of northern China. Journal of Arid Environments 63: 191-202

12月21日 論文紹介(杉本)
Cuevas (2000) Tree recruitment at the Nothofagus pumilio alpine timberline in Tierra del Fuego, Chile. Journal of Ecology 88: 840-855

12月14日 論文紹介(宮内)
Harsch et al. (2009) Are treelines advancing? A global meta-analysis of treeline response to climate warming. Ecology Letters 12:1040-1049

12月14日 論文紹介(根本)
Tabuchi and Amano (2003) Host-associated differences in emergence pattern, reproductive behavior and life history of Asteralobia sasakii (Monzen)(Diptera: Cecidomyiidae) between populations on Ilex crenata and I. integra (Aquifoliaceae). Applied entomology and zoology 38: 501-508

12月7日 論文紹介(冨樫)
Shitaka and Hirose (1998) Effects of Shift in Flowering Time on the Reproductive Output of Xanthium canadense in a Seasonal Environment. Oecologia 114: 361-367

12月7日 論文紹介(中江)
Streeter (2003) Effects of drought on nitrogen fixation in soybean root nodules. Plant, Cell and Environment 26: 1199–1204

11月30日 論文紹介(田中)
Takashima et al. (2004) Photosynthesis or persistence: Nitrogen allocation in leaves of evergreen and deciduous Quercus species. Plant, Cell and Environment 27: 1047-1054

11月30日 論文紹介(杉本)
Cuevas (2000) Tree recruitment at the Nothofagus pumilio alpine timberline in Tierra del Fuego, Chile. Journal of Ecology 88: 840-855

11月16日 論文紹介(須能)
Lehmeier et al.(2013) Nitrogen stress affects the turnover and size of nitrogen pools supplying leaf growth in a grass. Plant Physiology 162: 2095-2105

11月16日 論文紹介(酒井)
Diehl et al.(2003) Nutrient conservation strategies in native Andean-Patagonian forests. Journal of Vegetation Science 14: 63-70

11月9日 中間報告(中江、杉本、藤松、松井、本村)

11月2日 中間報告(冨樫、宮内、安倍、海野、酒井、根本)

10月26日 中間報告(紺野、伊藤、城取、須能、田中)

10月19日 論文紹介(城取)
McDonald et al.(2003) Spatial pattern of Quercus regeneration limitation and Acer rubrum invasion in a Piedmont forest. Journal of Vegetation Science 14: 441-450

11月16日 論文紹介(海野)
McEwan and Muller (2006) Spatial and temporal dynamics in canopy dominance of an old-growth central Appalachian forest. Canadian Journal of Forest Research 36: 1536-1550

10月5日 論文紹介(安倍)
Agrawal (2000) Benefits and Costs of Induced Plant Defense for Lepidium virginicum (Brassicaceae). Ecology 81: 1804-1813

10月5日 論文紹介(伊藤)
Daxiang et al.(2013) Improvement test on frost resistance of vegetation-concrete and engineering application of test fruitage. Environmental Earth Science 69: 161-170

8月6日 研究計画(本村)

7月27日 論文紹介(酒井)
Campanella and Bertiller (2008) Plant phenology, leaf traits and leaf litterfall of contrasting life forms in the arid Patagonian Monte, Argentina. Journal of Vegetation Science 19: 75-85

7月13?日 論文紹介(中江)
McClure and Israel (1979) Transport of Nitrogen in the Xylem of Soybean Plants. Plant Physiology 64: 411-416

7月13?日 論文紹介(海野)
Parish and Antos (2006) Slow growth, long-lived trees, and minimal disturbance characterize the dynamics of an ancient, montane forest in coastal British Columbia. Canadian Journal of Forest Research 36: 2826-2838

7月6?日 論文紹介(立田)
Marty et al. (2010) Leaf life span optimizes annual biomass production rather than plant photosynthetic capacity in an evergreen shrub. New Phytologist 187: 407-416

7月6?日 論文紹介(杉本)
Rehm and Feeley (2013) Forest patches and the upward migration of timberline in the southern Peruvian Andes. Forest Ecology and Management 305: 204-211

6月21?日 論文紹介(安倍)
Koesten et al. (2014) Historical gains in soybean (Glycine max Merr.) seed yield are driven by linear increases in light interception, energy conversion, and partitioning efficiencies. Journal of Experimental Botany 65: 3311-3321

6月21?日 論文紹介(藤松)
yang et al. (2009) The effects of leaf size, leaf habit and leaf form on leaf/stem relationship in plant twig of temperate woody species. Journal of Vegetation Science 20: 359-366

6月8日 論文紹介(紺野)
Konno et al. Invasion of alien plants into roadside vegetation on Mt.Fuji, a volcanic high mountain in Japan, with reference to elevation

6月8日 論文紹介(松井)
Drenovsky et al. (2013) Potential and realized nutrient resorption in serpentine and non-serpentine chaparral shrubs and trees. Oecologia 171:39-50

6月1日 研究計画(立田、安倍、杉本、根本)

5月25日 研究計画(須能、田中、冨樫、宮内)

5月11日 研究計画(紺野、伊藤、城取、海野、酒井)

5月4日 論文紹介(宮内)
Kullman (2007) Tree line population monitoring of Pinus sylvestris in the Swedish Scandes , 1973-2005: implication for tree line theory and climate change ecology. Journal of ecology 95: 41-52

5月4日 論文紹介(冨樫)
KOziol et al. (2012) Reduced drought tolerance during domestication and the evolution of weediness results from eolerance-growth trade-off. Evolution 66: 3803-3814

4月27日 論文紹介(冨樫)
Koziol et al. (2012) Reduced drought tolerance during domestication and the evolution of weediness results from eolerance-growth trade-off. Evolution 66: 3803-3814

4月27日 論文紹介(宮内)
Kullman (2007) Tree line population monitoring of Pinus sylvestris in the Swedish scandes. Journal of ecology 95: 41-52

4月20日 論文紹介(須能)
Tully et al. (2013) Soil nutrient availability and reproductive effort drive patterns in nutrient resorption in Pentaclethra macroloba. Ecology 94: 930-940

4月20日 論文紹介(田中)
Oikawa et al. (2006) Leaf lifespan and lifetime carbon balance of individual leaves in a stand of an annual herb, Xanthium canadense. New Phytologist 172: 104-116

Plant Physiological Ecology (Lambers, Chapin III, Pons, Springer, 2008)

1月19日~2月2日 研究発表(2015年度最終報告)

12月22日 論文紹介(冨樫)
Rodriguez-Saona et al. (2011) Tracing the history of plant traits under domestication in cranberries: potential consequences on anti-herbivore defences. Journal of Experimental Botany 18, 479-488

12月8日 論文紹介(宮内)
del Moral (2007) Limits to convergence of vegetation during early primary succession. Journal of Vegetation Science 18: 479-488

12月8日 論文紹介(吉田)
Housman et al. (2012) Foliar nutrient resorption in two Mojave Desert shrubs exposed to Free-Air CO2 Enrichment (FACE). Journal of Arid Environments 78: 26-32

12月1日 論文紹介(中島)
Annals of Botany 105:333-339,2010

11月25日 論文紹介(城取)
Shin-Ichi (1993) Structure and Dynamics of an Old-growth Chamaecyparis Forest in the Akasawa Forest Reserve, Kiso district, central Japan. 森林立地学会誌 35: 32-41

11月25日 論文紹介(須能)
Zvereva and Kozlov (2014) Effects of Herbivory on Leaf Life Span in Woody Plants : a Meta-analysis. Journal of Ecology 102: 873-881

11月17日 論文紹介(小沼)
今井 健介 (2005) アオキミタマバエと寄主植物の生活同時性を巡る対立的共進化

11月17日 論文紹介(黒川)
Reich et al. (2009) Controls on declining carbon balance with leaf age among 10 woody species in Australian woodland: do leaves have zero daily net carbon balances when they die? New Phytologist 183: 153-66

10月20日~11月10日 研究発表(2015年度中間報告)

10月6日 論文紹介(白土)
Wood and del Moral (1987) Mechanisms of early primary succession in subalpine habitats on Mount St. Helens. Ecology 68: 780-790

10月6日 論文紹介(伊藤)
Walther et al. (2009) Palms tracking climate change. Global Ecology and Biogeography 16: 801-809

7月14日 論文紹介(鍋田)
Cavieres and Sierra-Almeida (2012) Facilitative interactions do not wane with warming at high elevation in the Andes. Oecologia 170: 575-584

7月14日 論文紹介(宮内)
Sakio and Masuzawa (2012) The advancing timberline on Mt.Fuji : natural recovery or climate change?. Journal of Plant Research 125: 539-546

7月7日 論文紹介(菅原)
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7月7日 論文紹介(白土)
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5月13日 計画計画(白土)富士山森林限界付近カラマツ-シラビソ林の動態について
5月13日 計画計画(竹内)空中写真を用いた広域的エコトーン群落推定
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